What is Blockzy?
Blockzy It is the
fastest and safest
international crossborder payment service in the market.
This service takes advantage of using new technologies such as digital tokens, in order to provide you with the best financial experience.

A world of crossborder operations open to you

We have developed Blockzy to benefit users all kind of users. Now you can maken any kind of crossborder payments, from very simple transfers, donations, trips, tourism, restaurants, etc. In all the financial assets we work with

Blockchain technology makes crossborder payments almost instant. With us you will have the option to carry out your transactions in a time of 5 minutes *.

*Estimated transaction time through the blockchain. Not applicable for deposits, withdrawals in local currency or user verifications.
Blockzy shields your transactions with the most strict and modern computer security parameters, in order to guarantee your crossborder operations.

Go global in your local currency with Blockzy's BTMs!

Our BTMs are based in more than 40 countries around the world. These include several functionalities adapted to our user needs.

  • Send funds/remittances to other Blockzy users.
  • Buy and sell digital token instantly with cash and debit/credit cards.
  • Pay your utility bills, and other services, from anywhere in the world *.
  • Pay just 2% of total commission.
  • Targetin the unbanked consumers.
  • Strong security measures (KYC / AML).

* Where Blockzy operates.

Download the App Blockzy
Download the App
app will allow you to process your transactionsfrom the palm of your hand. Its operating speed its seconds to almost instant.
More practice
This app offers you a simpler way to carry out your transactions. Its design and interface will allow you to make them much simpler.
More yours
With the app you will have many options to manage your financial operations .
Blockzy's Digital mP.O.S

Pay for products and services globally, regardless of whether its a car or some cookies. With Blockzys digital mP.O.S. forget about carrying cash!

Do you have a business? Contact us, request our digital mP.O.S. and pay less commissions and broaden your payment channel.

  • Pay with both Fiat and Digital tokens.
  • Single set-up cost payment.
  • Lower commissions than traditional P.O.S.
  • For Android 6.0 onwards and iOS 10.0 onwards.
Be part of the future of the digital economy
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Blockzy allows you to make crossborder transactions across the GlobeAmerica, Europe and Asia.
We operate with more than 40 financial institutions and more than 64K Top-Up points in the countries where we have a presence.
Blockzy operates locally with nine international fiat currencies and 20+ Digital Assets, so you can make payments and transactions with confidence and wide open variety.
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